Jasmin Kuhn • Director • DP • Photographer

Based in Los Angeles, Austrian-born Jasmin Kuhn is an award-winning commercial Director/Cinematographer with a portfolio that boasts international clients such as Avon, Dove, Olay, Head+Shoulders, Secret + L’oreal. With nearly one hundred commercials under her belt, Jasmin has gained a reputation for a clean, cutting-edge beauty style that evokes her background in fine art, celebrity, and high-fashion photography.
A graduate of the prestigious Art Center College of Design, Ms. Kuhn has had the opportunity to work on productions all over the globe. With a passion for travel — and a keen interest to explore new cultures — she has directed beauty campaigns in many cities across the world, among them: Moscow, Bangkok, Manila, Saigon, Beirut, Toronto.
Since her days at Art Center, she has pushed the aesthetic boundaries of movement, light, and color, which led her to develop a unique, vivid photographic style. Female beauty — paired with graphic texture design — has been the predominant driving force of her visual methodology, so it’s no surprise that a feature film she is currently developing will explore a compelling and provocative female-centric issue.
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